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    • Russ Hamm
    • Ken Rubin
    • Brian Schwier (HLi)
    • Harold Solbrig

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    Met the March 22 deadline.

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  1. OMG RFP and Submission Process - Ken Rubin (15)

    OMG published standards developed by submitters.
    OMG issues RFP
    Submitters respond tot the RFP with a proposed specification

    RFP will be drafted on CTS 2 calls. OMG will review the RFP at the OMG AB.The RFP is issed by the OMG

    Interested partied must sign a letter of intent by the LOI date (end of Sept 2009)

    Submitters must provide an implementation as well as the technical specification

    Voting list (like a ballot pool) closed before the specification deadline.

    Initial submission date is when the specifications

    HL7.org has an organizational membership. One org, one vote. JQ holds the HL7 vote. Must be a member of the OMG to vote/participate.

    HS - what level of membership is required (HTC or PTC)?
    KR - Healthcare spec going through platform side, some negotiation is ongoing.

    RFP is to translate the RFP into
    technical** requirements.RFP will specify the technical platforms that are to be supported. What is in the RFP defines what is in the Specification as well as the implementation. The art is to define the requirements without making implementation too difficult or impossible.

    So far, the HL7 RFPs have had joint submission teams.

    Multiple platforms will be supported in a submission (interface bindings and profiles)

    RH - How are profiles managed in the RFP? We have multiple semantic and functional profiles. Is this up to the submitters?
    KR - We can have the submitters tell us what they will support, or we can lock it down. pros and cons to each. How much are we comortable deferring without compromising the spec.

    1. Mandatory - Submission must include an openEHR conformance profile.This is SEPARATE from the implementation.
    2. Optional
    3. Leave as issue for submitters to discuss
    4. Evaluation criteria - preference will be given to submitters who do X, Y, Z.. Up to reviewers of submissions

    Defer as much as you can, without compromising interoperability.

    OMG conformance point. So for HL7 implementations need to meet HL7 requirements, but other domains do not need to. Ken can provide contacts to help with the wording of the RFP.

    Who reviews the submissions? Reviewers are the Voting List.

    Implementations are not submitted to the OMG. The OMG will not release the specification until an implementation has been done. that it has been demonstrated as implementable. Does not have to be publicly available.implementation does not need to support every platform.

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