Healthcare and Community Services Provider Directory (ServD)


The Services Directory (ServD) is a set of paired specifications, one functional specification and a complementary technical specification, that provides a SOA model to support the registration and discovery of health and human-related services. In this capacity, ServD can be used as a [health] Provider Directory, as a "Yellow Pages" type directory, or as a directory for supporting electronic communications. It allows access to and discovery of service provider individuals; ability to discover organizational information such as locations, associations, contact details, services, identifiers and many other relevant characteristics/attributes; and the ability to manage and maintain this directory via a set of open, standards-based interfaces.

ServD is intended to be relevant for use by both people and/or computers, whereas actors are able to use this information to support secure transfer of personal and confidential information to network end point applications or shared repositories. This specification has been developed to meets the needs of interoperability to support both healthcare and community services, although to the knowledge of the authors it is broadly applicable to domains beyond health and health care.

ServD is a SOA interface specification with technical bindings provided for SOAP/Web Services. The standard specifies functionality for runtime (searching), directory access (lookup), and maintenance operations to include support for content moderation and external verification. The specification allows for multiple deployment topologies, such as use in a hierarchical architecture.

An open-source implementation of a ServD search application and a publicly-hosted server-side service for search and retrieve are available for testing and implementation evaluation.

The ServD Specifications

The ServD specifications as a part of HSSP (Healthcare Service Specification Program), currently consist of:
Intended Use
Healthcare and Community Services Provider Directory Service Functional Model, v1.0 [HL7]
Enterprise Architects
Defines the scope, high-level functionality, and requirements governing supporting technical specifications.
Serves as a Functional Requirements Document. It is not a technical specification (see below)
ServD Technical Specification v1.0 [OMG]
Interop Architect
Defines, at a technical level, the precise API interface specifications for SOAP realizations of ServD.
Serves as a technical specification document to define ServD implementation compliance in SOAP.
Reference Implementation
Interop Architects
Provides the ability for developers to review an operational ServD implementation, and against which they can test their ServD clients.

ServD Presentations and Implementation Guidance

ServD Overview