[Medical] Scheduling Project

The SOA workgroup and HSSP are presently entertaining planning activities en route to development of an HL7 Project Scope Statement (PSS) for a Scheduling Service. This page will evolve from pre-planning activities to the project home once the project scope has been completed and is approved.

Pre-work began in March 2016 and will continue until the May HL7 Working Group Meeting (Montreal), at which point we anticipate bringing forward the PSS for approval. Below are interim drafts and actions that are underway.

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WEBMEETING: https://epic.webex.com/epic/j.php?MTID=m1f69802bfd7f78402ffa0eff57a30241
Meeting Number: 805 332 797

Agenda / Objectives
Patient Admin WG

PA approved PSS
HL7 WGM Worksession on Scheduling

Release Candidate Project Scope Statement for Scheduling Service
Finalize Scheduling Project Scope Statement.

Audio: +1 770 657-9270
Passcode: 071582#

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Conducted a scrub of the Project Scope Statement. The scope and business case, and key delivery team are now pretty solid. Intention is to work on the project timeline and remaining items on next week's call.
Continue work on formal project scope statement

Audio: +1 770 657-9270
Passcode: 071582#
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Held an abbreviated call due to prior discussion on Patient Administration workgroup call. PA has agreed to be primary sponsor of this work, with SOA as a co-sponsor. Work on formal project scope statement will ensue in the coming weeks with expectation of adoption during the September WGM.
Straw Man Proposal
(Toby Considine)
As promised, these are some notes on the standards uses for M2M negotiations for human-centric scheduling developed in part as part of national smart grid efforts. The standards are service oriented (which means process agnostic) and include availability and schedule bidding.
Notes on Standards-Based Network of Scheduling Services:

Strawman Sketches (simple, as if in dirt with a stick):

These are meant to get a conversation started, not to pre-determine results and/or architecture.
Discussion -- Future State of Machine-to-Machine Scheduling (Toby)
Revision work: Project Scope Statement Draft

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Audio: +1 770-657-9270 Passcode 071582#
Attendees: Ken
Cooper (Epic)
Drew (Cerner)
Toby (TC9)
Jason Chen (Cerner)

Machine-to-Machine Scheduling Discussion:
- There is a general pattern of workflows associated with binding schedules together (for example, scheduling a meeting to include a room and room specific requirements)
- Note the context of workflow beyond the classic appointment (for instance, patient engagement and pre-appointment tasks)
- Potential to express cost or other implications based upon scheduling event (e.g., reduced cost imaging in non-peak times). Consider ability to decorate scheduling events to address contextual implications.
- Consider patterns that can apply to "non-member" or "non-principal organization" participants in complex workflows.

- Two models:
- System-to-system coordination of schedule events
- I want the next available xxxx visit: You sort that out and tell me when that is.

Consensus: We will consider the machine-to-machine negotiation ideas and use them as completeness/assessment criteria of the specification. The idea is for the Scheduling Service to be able to accommodate these, but not as critical requirements. Expectation of asynch interaction is the norm. Will not prevent synchronous response, but that is not the requirement.

Reboot of Scheduling Service Project
- Recap current work
- Identify a game-plan between now and Baltimore HL7
- Determine work assignments

Screensharing (not for audio): Join Skype Meeting
Audio: +1 770 657-9270 Passcode 071582#
Ken (VA)
Cooper (Epic)
Drew (Cerner)
Suzanne (? CBCC)
Toby (TC9)
Bill (Cox Software Architects)

Conducted a recap of the early-draft Scheduling service requirements and cursory look at PSS. Group agreed to focus on developing PSS for approval at September WGM.

HL7 Montreal Worksession on Scheduling

Revise Scheduling Service requirements list -- migrate into HL7 Project Scope Statement template

First sort of brainstorm ideas - Project Scope

Initial Brainstorming of Scheduling Service scope