HSSP Event Publication & Subscription Service Interface Specification Project

Project Scope

The proposed Event Publish and Subscribe Service is intended to complement existing SOA services and the SAIF Behavioural Framework (BF) for HL7. It will provide a Service Functional Model (SFM) for services, components and systems to subscribe to clinical events of interest and receive notice when new data are available. The service will support two common forms of filtering: topic-based and content-based.

Pre-existing conceptual and standards-development work in Event Publish and Subscribe (XMPP, OMG Data Distribution Service, ATOM) will be leveraged to help document the necessary definitions, descriptions, graphics, and artefacts that are relevant. In keeping with the approach used by other HL7 specifications, the Service Interface Specification will provide functional, semantic, and conformance profiles.

Project Scope Statement - Proposed

Project Scope Statement is available below.

Service Functional Model Draft

The current draft of the Service Functional Model is available below.

Enterprise Architect Model - Service Functional Model
The current EA model is available below.

Pub/Sub Unified Communication and Order Service Orchestration with CDS