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Service Specification Projects (in alphabetical order)

Care Coordination Service (Active)
  • Work is commencing on specifying a service to manage coordination of care, particularly relating to transfers of care across locations or tiers of care. Strong emphasis will be placed upon survey of existing industry work and how it can be applied to this problem space in the context of a SOA architecture.

Clinical Research Filtered Query (CRFQ) (Active)

CTS2 (Common Terminology Services 2) (Active)
CTS 2 will be a commonly accepted standard for terminology services that enhances the capabilities of the initial CTS specification for sub-setting and mapping, and extends the specification into domains such as terminology distribution, versioning, and classification.

Cross Paradigm Interoperability Implementation Guide for Immunization (Active)
  • This implementation guide will explore the Service-Aware Interoperability Framework (SAIF) methodology to show how various HL7, IHE and OMG immunization-related artifacts can be deployed to satisfy immunization interoperability use cases. The project will provide feedback to the MnM SAIF Implementation Guide project regarding artifacts
  • and governance necessary to develop this projects deliverables. It will build upon existing artifacts rather than create anything new. Previous work includes: The Practical Guide to SOA in Healthcare Part II: the Immunization Case Study; the Immunization DAM; V2 immunization messages; V3 POIZ messages; V3 Care Record document; V3 Care Record message; vMR; IXS (Service Functional Model and Technical Specification); RLUS; DSS; hData; Arden Syntax; GELLO; IHE profiles including PIX, PDQ, and Immunization Content; IHE SOA White Paper. The scope of the immunization use case will be limited to use cases specifically related to interoperability; primarily patient identification, immunization data exchange and decision support (recommendations, adverse reactions, contraindications).
DSS (Decision Support Service) Complete)
  • A commonly accepted standard for the DSS would make it more attractive for service consumers to invest in the infrastructure required for using the DSS to meet its patient evaluation needs, as they would be able to use the same interface to interact with multiple service vendors.

hData Record Format (Complete, DSTU)

- This project was transfered by the TSC and ArB from the HL7 ITS WG to SOA in April 2011. It establishes a simple hierarchical organizational model for clinical content and attaches data provenance meta data to this information. Through the HSSP collaboration, OMG is working on an RFC submission for a RESTful transport of hData content. The project was originally sponsored by MITRE, and has some additional videos and historiacal information at the Project hData website.

Healthcare and Community Services Provider Directory (See ServD)

Interdependent Registries Project (Pre-planning, Active)

IXS (Identity Cross-Reference Service, formerly known as Entity Identification Service) Normative (Complete)
  • Adopted as a current standard.

Medication Statement Service (Active)
  • The Medication Statement Service provides a list of active medications for a given patient. This project is co-sponsored by the Pharmacy WG.
> Last Update: 2012-SEP-24

PASS (Privacy, Access and Security Services)
  • The goal of PASS is to define a suite of services that will provide a simple interface for all privacy, access control, consent, identity management and other security services that are needed in a service-oriented health information architecture.
  • Access Control Service (Sustainment)
  • Audit Service (Active)

Practical Guide to SOA in Healthcare Volume II: Immunization Management Case Study (Complete)
  • The Practical Guide for SOA in Healthcare Volume II presents a case study, which adds an Immunization Management Capability (IMC) to Volume I’s SampleHealth’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). We used the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) and HL7 Service Aware Interoperability Framework (SAIF) Enterprise Conformance and Compliance Framework (ECCF). Volume II demonstrates the use of HL7’s EHR System Design Reference Model (EHR-SD RM) linked artifacts (e.g., EHR System Functional Model, FHIM, HITSP, HITEC, HSSP, IHE, NIEM, etc) to provide an initial architectural baseline suitable for an EHR related SOA acquisition, development or certification project. We conclude with lessons learned.

RLUS SFM (Retrieve, Locate, Update Service Functional Model) Normative (Complete)
  • HL7 Normative Ballot effort for the HL7 RLUS SFM Normative Standard.
RLUS OMG Specification (Complete)

ServD (Formerly the Healthcare and Community Services Provider Directory, HCSPDIR) (Active)
  • HCPDS is required to provide an online facility that will enable Practitioners, via a set of parameters, to locate other practitioners, to assist in the continuum of care.
SOA Services Ontology (Active)
  • In order to support the effective description, discovery, and navigation among SOA services being specified within HL7, appropriate metadata about these services must be determined to support these needs, followed by the appropriate taxonomy and ontology work.