HL7 Cloud Blueprint Project

The HL7 Service-Oriented Architecture workgroup, in collaboration with the HL7 ITS Workgroup and in collaboration with the OMG Cloud Standards Customer Council has begun early conceptual work on our "Cloud Blueprint" project. The goal of this effort is to be able to articulate the role and impact of HL7 standards on healthcare cloud implementations, and to relate the HL7 portfolio of standards into cloud environments.

Spurred in part to illustrate the potential for HL7 SOA standards as a fit and valuable addition to deployments in Cloud settings. The project seek to produce tools and protocols for self-assessment of systems and environments, candidate implementation guidance, and reference information for making informed decisions.

Early phases will refine and revise scope and deliverables objectives, to be followed by executing the project plan once approved.

Working Drafts

Revision Date
Release Notes
Document Attachment

Working draft on Google Drive.
Added front material substantiating the need for Guide; Business Case

HL7 Newsletter Article Drafts

Initial Release of Newsletter Article

Cloud Survey

Summary Data

Detailed Data

Individual Responses


Occur weekly on Thursdays at 1:00pm EDT (UTC-4)

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Dial-in Number: (563) 999-1005 - United States
Access Code: 115743
International Dial-in Numbers: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/soa6/#international

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Agendas and Minutes

- Cloud Planning Guide Article - Walked through it and there were no objections to the comment. Ken has sent it o
Question: Do we want to use Noam's document, or portions of his document, as a jumping off point for the "primer" portion of the guide?

Who is the target audience? Phase 1 - Technical folks presenting to management.

Noam - The main myth we are trying to overcome is the question "is the cloud less secure than what I've been doing?"
Compliance question: "What do regulatory agencies say about cloud computing?"
How to leverage cloud as an avenue for adopting HL7 SOA standards.

Vadim added to his PPT which contains the proposed outline of the document.

Folks who are at HSPC next week will try and get together to work on this.
Noam Arzt
Vadim Polyakov
Keith Tousaint
Diana Proud-Madruga
Noam - Has received permission to use what he wrote before .

  1. Re-cap San Antonio
  2. Noam take us through what he has written
  3. Diana to turn over meeting management to Vadim
Noam Arzt
Vadim Polyakov
Keith Tousaint
Diana Proud-Madruga
Discussed comments submitted by Noam
Action items:
  1. Ken and Keith to reach out to HSPC about making the Cloud Planning Guide a joint activity
  2. Strengthen answers to intro questions
  3. Target Audience: provide brief description of the role of each of the drivers. How do the drivers relate to Target Audience? These drivers may be better called out in a different section. Refer to the Community Cloud document from Keith.
Vadim P. - y
Diana P-M - y
Keith Toussaint - y
Noam Arzt - y
Kevan Riley -
Ken Rubin - y
Discussed document.
Possible cloud security resources:
Security and Privacy risks in cloud computing:
Vadim P. - y
Diana P-M - y
Keith Toussaint -
Noam Arzt - y
Kevan Riley -
Ken Rubin -
- Review draft blueprint: Private Cloud
Vadim P. - y
Diana P-M - y
Keith Toussaint - y
Noam Arzt - y
Kevan Riley -
Ken Rubin -
- Cloud Planning Guide Article: We walked through the article written by Ken. There were no objections and Ken has sent it to HL7 headquarters for publication.
- Walked through the blueprint section of the Guide. The guide has been put on Google docs and Vadim has sent out invitations. Document is available at
- Added to the Modernization - Interoperability section.
- Discussed the possibility of using a decision tree to identify which patterns apply to the organizational cloud implementation needs.
Vadim P. - y
Diana P-M - y
Keith Toussaint - y
Noam Arzt
Kevan Riley - y
Ken Rubin - y
- Keith's write-up on data residency
- Logistics questions:
- Collaboration tool? Google docs? Gitbook? When using Google docs, if the document is a native Google doc, contributors need to be in "suggesting" mode in order to have changes tracked. The editor can then accept or reject suggestions just like track changes in Word.
- Diana to set up HL7 wiki for this project to track meeting agendas and minutes.
-Resources on Cloud Maturity. Vadim sent out list of a couple of resources. Will put those on Google Docs
- Cloud design patterns. Vadim hasn't made any progress. Noam talking to CDC about sharing documents that he wrote for them on cloud public health registries.
- Ken - Have OK from HL7 to put together newsletter article. (deadline: Nov 1)
- Authoring may be done between calls or calls can be used to at least make bullet points for the author of that section to follow.
Action Items and agenda items for next meeting:
- Put draft document into Google docs (Vadim)
- Send out invitations to the Google doc (Vadim)
- Maturity model
- SOA services for possible blueprints
- Keith to integrate data residency information into doc
- Noam to continue discussion with CDC
- Ken to write the newsletter article. (Ken to complete no later than 10/28.)
- Diana to create Cloud wiki page on HL7.
- Diana to update HL7 calendar to be every other week and change the web meeting link to the freeconferencecall meeting.
Vadim P.
Diana P-M
Keith Toussaint
Noam Arzt
Kevan Riley
Ken Rubin
Review HL7 WGM minutes
Presentation and Discussion of Cloud Design Patterns
Ken Rubin
Diana Proud-Madruga
Vadim P.
Noam Arzt
Kevan Riley
Keith Tousaint
Huy H.
9/18 - 23
September 2016 HL7 WGM Baltimore
Review Document Structure and revise based upon Survey feedback

Continue deep dive into Survey results
Attendees: Ken Rubin, Diana Proud-Madruga, Keith Toussaint, Vadim P.,
Action Item: Create an article for HL7 summarizing the survey results and introducing the Cloud planning guide effort.
Action Item: Keith to write up a summary outlining Cloud planning for data residency and policy compliance.
Action Item: Do some follow-up with folks on question #19, Has inclusion of Cloud impacted your IT design/development/deployment activities? How?
Action Item: Need to assess the topics of security, storage, and business continuity for appropriateness in the planning guide. Are these topics in scope for this effort.
Action Item: Discuss moving ownership of this effort from Ken to Vadim.
Deep dive into Survey results
Attendees: Ken Rubin, Diana Proud-Madruga, Noam Arzt, Keith Toussaint
Overview of work completed to date
Brief review of results of cloud survey
Ken Rubin
Diana Proud-Madruga
Noam Arzt
Keith Toussaint
Action item updates: created an integrated draft and articulated the case for why we are creating this document in the first place. Cloud survey window has closed. Ended up with 50 respondents and about 30 finished the survey.
Noam - Concern that "Cloud" has gotten conflated with "Hosting". He has something written up for someone else. He needs to ask permission to share and for us to use what he has already written. Noah will make the full document available to us as soon as he is able. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
Survey - Ken gave a high level summary of the results of the survey and the conclusion that the results justified our effort.
Next meeting: 8/11 and then every other week after that.
Cloud Survey responses
Cloud Planning Guide
Ken Rubin, Diana Proud-Madruga

We have 45 responses to the survey. Ken will be sending out one last email blast letting folks know the survey is closing soon. Reviewed results. The results seem to support the direction of this effort. What remains to be done is evaluate the text responses to determine if there are patterns.

Ken shared some work being done on the Cloud planning guide. Updated document is available above. One of the things that Ken added is an FAQ section to address questions
Cloud Planning Guide review
Ken Rubin, Diana Proud-Madruga, Vadim P., Noam A

Vadim submitted a draft write-up for parts of the Cloud Planning Guide.

Noam asked for some additional information on the purpose of this document and where the information that Vadim wrote fits into the document. Ken gave some background information.
Cloud Survey Finalization and Revisit of writing assignments to the paper
Conducted a final review of the Survey and agreed that the instrument was ready to release following some minor cleanup. A few questions were simplified and combined, and the survey was to be announced this week with a two-week window for completion. If needed, we will extend the open window through end of month.

Conducted a review of the document structure and revisited writing assignments. Goal is to start to use the Thursday calls to review and vet content. See the attached for revised writing assignments. Currently working toward having a draft available for discussion by the Baltimore meeting in September.

Cloud Survey
Ken Rubin
Diana Proud-Madruga
Keith Toussaint

Went through the cloud survey and brainstormed additional ideas.
Cloud Survey
Ken Rubin
Diana Proud-Madruga

Worked on the survey for HL7.

HL7 Member Cloud Survey Instrument Prework

Keith Tousaint

Conducted a preliminary brainstorming to establish the survey instrument to collect the evidence basis that will form the foundation for the Cloud Planning Guide. Intent was to create a pre-alpha version to jumpstart workgroup discussions on this topic. Recurring calls will commence the week of 4/11 at a slot to be determined shortly.


Attendees: Ken Rubin
Diana Proud-Madruga
Keith Tousaint: keith@hspconsortium.org
Todd Cooper:
Todd@HSPConsortium.org ... HL7 membership e-mail is ToddCooperAFC@gmail.com ... either works

Ken briefed on the purpose behind this project and showed the outline of the paper.

Worked on a member survey regarding cloud. Keith indicated that HSPC is doing work in this area and HL7 can leverage some of the work that they are already doing.

May use survey monkey or any other survey tool.

Ken to send out a doodle poll to set up a work meeting for next week to create the survey.

Glen Marshall: gfm@securityrs.comVadim P.
Diana Proud-Madruga
Patkar, Jay

Diana brought Glen up-to-speed on the purpose behind the Cloud Planning Guide. Glen spoke about his background

Diana to send Glen the PSS.

Is this US realm specific or does it need to be international?

International needs to be generic enough

Diana to send out email to list asking for HL7 standards that would be applicable to a cloud implementation.
Continued worksession
Ken Rubin
Stefano Lotti

Given the sparse attendance, used a portion of the call to bring Stefano up to speed on current status and trajectory of the work items. We will look at calendar to determine next call, as it is scheduled for the week of HIMSS. Intent of next call is to elaborate a "vanilla" cloud deployment along with the key dimensions and considerations, and gap that against a "health" cloud deployment to identify sensitivies and areas to address that may be unique or additionally complex.

Objective to enumerate examples where "services" are appropriate for use, and to do the same for "micro-services" in part to draw out the distinctions among these.

Call released early due to lack of quorum.
Worksession on Cloud Draft

Ken Rubin - Co-chair
Diana Proud-Madruga - scribe
John Moerke
Dmytro Rud
Cecil Lynch
Diana summarized the meeting minutes from HL7 Orlando WGM.
Cecil introduced himself and talked about the cloud offering that his company offers. Is the focus really about cloud or is it about services in a large scale software as a service implementation regardless of if the implementation is off vs on premises.
Ken - in some ways both.
Cecil - There's a big push about microservices which in many cases replaced SOA type services. We are more used to doing smaller implementations. Have realized that reaching out to all of the different services in a large-scale implementation, microservices don't work.
The issues don't tend to come up on small-scale PoC and Pilot implementations.
The consent model use case really highlighted issues. Cecil is willing to flesh out the documentation of this use case.
There is also a use case around patient generated data in some ONC work.
John Moerke - GE Healthcare - also struggling with micro-services issues. There really isn't a difference if it is applied to the cloud or at an enterprise-wide level. It's really the scale that causes the emphasis on these issues of consent, serviceability, etc…
What is specifically different about health deployment in the cloud vs other generic cloud deployments? I think that's where we need to focus.
There may be things that need to be more carefully looked at when deploying on a large-scale such as cloud.
Cecil - When dealing with FDA devices, there are specific requirements for being able to snapshot for role-back the stack and environment in the event of an incident.
Ken - base requirements may be the same in all implementations but there are healthcare specific nuances that apply to healthcare.
What would a successful document look like?
Start with a vanilla cloud deployment. Identify healthcare specific deployment items.
Identify HL7 standards that already exist that support the healthcare specific items.
Why would a healthcare provider want to go to a cloud deployment and how security can be enhanced in a cloud deployment.
Bring in use cases and lessons learned.
Meetings will be extended to 90 minutes on an every-other-week basis. Next meeting 2/18.
Finalize plans for Orlando
Did a review of action items in prep for Orlando WGM. Project Scope Statement has been approved and plans are to use face-to-face time as active content development sessions for the white paper. Pre-work items are intended to give us the material assets so as to allow content drafting during the WGM.
Worksession on prep action items for Orlando WGM

Status Update from section owners. Regroup and plan for 2016

Discussed status of the Project Scope Statement, which is en route to approval. FHIR and ITS have formally joined project as co-sponsors, with Security as an interested party.

Call reviewed the project plan. We revisited and established short-term objectives to set up the Orlando WGM to be able to review prework and then execute following that meeting. Action items have been assigned. Finally, did preliminary brainstorming on several topics to help frame sections for the Action Item owners. See below.

Worksession - Review progress on Project Plan and begin to group edit content.

Webmeeting Link

Revisions based upon Atlanta WGM

Continue work/finalize Project Scope Statement


Review draft blueprint outline. Continue work on the HL7 Project Scope Statement.


Develop pre-alpha draft of Blueprint Table of Contents/Document Structure

Participant Link:

Continue work on project scope.
Attendees are asked to review prior call minutes and come prepared to discuss target scope of initiative.

Participant Link: https://www.myroom.hp.com/attend/MEP3VKAIPY9

Continue brainstorming project scope.
Begin draft revision of HL7 Project Scope Statement

Continue brainstorming project scope. Begin draft revision of HL7 Project Scope Statement
Meeting Cancelled
Kick-off meeting, introduce concept,
begin to brainstorm scope / ideas


Cloud Standards Customer Council - Healthcare Whitepaper
The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing (SP 800-145)
Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations (SP 800-146)
Cloud Maturity Model