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Health BPM "Field Guide"

Sponsored by an open community initiative under the auspices of the Object Management Group, this effort aims to create a Health BPM Modeling "Field Guide", providing an approach to conducting process modeling to allow for the expression and portability of health related workflows. While predominantly focused on clinical workflow, the Guide does contain within scope workflows for non-clinical situations as well.

The primary objective is to create a reference document that can be given to process modelers, such as those that might work within a healthcare delivery organization, providing insight, guidance, and best practices to help make their modeling activities not only more effective, but also portable. The expectation is that process models that comply with the guide will have the ability to be exported/imported and shared among healthcare organizations.

Teleconferences/Webmeeting (Weekly, Tuesdays at 3:00p EST/UTC-5):

Frequency: Weekly
Day: Tuesdays, 3:00pm [EST/UTC-5]

Online Meeting Link: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/ken_rubin
Online Meeting ID: ken_rubin
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Telephone Details:
US Access: Dial +1 (712) 770-4720
Access Code: 263497
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Working Drafts

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Agendas and Minutes

Finalize initial version of Field Guide Outline and key Approach activities;
Brainstorm in preparation for OMG BPM Workshop

Continue work on project plan, specifically the working outline of the Field Guide, and the sequncing and identification of major activities to the work effort (project approach)

See inline notes
- Brainstorm overall approach to Field Guide Project Plan
- Begin work on nominal document outline

See inline notes in attachment
Call Cancelled - HIMSS

Continue refinement of project charter. Focus on scope and objectives
See inline notes in attachment

Community Workstream Launch:
- Review of December Workshop
- Presentation of outbrief minutes and action items
- Discussion of vision of the Field Guide

Note: Two versions of the slide deck are included. One is the "clean" copy that was discussed. The other contains annotations based upon the discussions on the call.