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The Information Center is intended to serve as a "launch point" to find out about the HSSP work products, community, and objectives. These are primarily educational materials and navigation guidance to help understand "the big picture", navigate the broad set of materials to find what is if interest, and provide pointers to the infrastructure

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How these service standards can be used in a clincal workflow. This presents the "business view"
HSSP Standards in Context
The objectives of the initiative, how the standards are developed, and the process we follow
Overview Slide Deck
List of all published HSSP specifications and where to find them
Inventory of Standards
All the things you wanted to know but didn't want to ask...
Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Involved

Where To Look
Teleconferences of the full HSSP community occur weekly.
Membership is not required to participate.


HSSP activities occur as part of HL7, OMG, and Open Health Tools
face-to-face meetings. As a result, there are in-person events approximately
quarterly. Detailed meeting agendas are available from the meeting center.
HSSP Meetings Page
List Servers
While there are physical meetings, most HSSP activities are conducted virtually, with
heavy reliance upon email lists and wikis. Membership in the respective standards groups
are NOT required to participate (though it is encouraged).

Functional/Business activities occur primarily in HL7. Technical work occurs primarily in OMG.
Open Source Implementation occurs in OHT.
HL7 Workgroup Mail List
OMG Committee Mail List
OHT Maillist

Foundational Elements

HL7 Service-Oriented Architecture Workgroup
OMG Healthcare Domain Task Force
Methodology and Reference Architecture
This page contains detailed material that covers the HSSP "infrastructure" work, including the Methodology (SSF) and Reference Architecture Work.
Methodology and Architecture
Decision-Making Practices
Document governing how the groups operate and how decisions are made. This is intended to assure openness and transparency.
Project Principles
Guiding principles anchoring all project activities.
HSSP Core Principles