Last Updated: Oct 13, 2009 11:21 am
By necessity, HSSP does and will liaise with a number of other groups and organizations, both within HL7 and beyond. The following table identifies current liaison contacts where known. In some cases, individuals are shown on both sides where there is not an explicit additional contact point, i.e. in some cases, one person liaises across both groups, in others there are two involved.

External Group / Org
HSSP Liaison/Contact
Exernal Group Liaison/Contact
HL7 - Clinical Decision Support TC

Ken Kawamoto (
Ken Kawamoto
HL7 - Infrastructure and Messaging TC

Alan Honey (
Grahame Grieve
HL7 - Vocab TC

Russ Hamm (
Russ Hamm
Don Jorgenson (
Glenn Marshall
Eclipse OHF

Grahame Grieve (
Grahame Grieve

Thomas Beale (
Thomas Beale