HSSP Process: A Guide for New Projects

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2009 11:19 am
The following is intended to help jump-start new project activities. When an HSSP artifact is available to support any given activity, a link is provided to its "home on the wiki".

Step 1
Review the HSSP Methodology (Overview Powerpoint and Full description document)
Wiki Page: Methodology and Architecture
Documents: SSF Methodology and SSF+Overview.ppt

Step 2
Acquaint yourself with the Boilerplate for the HL7 Service Functional Models. (Overview Powerpoint and Full description document)
Wiki Page: Methodology and Architecture
Documents: SFM Boilerplate and Producing SFMs Overview V3.01.ppt

Step 3
Draft a short description (genearlly one page) of the work you are interested in doing. This will serve as the basis for a discussion within the community to elicit interest and ultimately initiate a new project. Generally speaking, we ask for three criteria to be met to launch a new effort:
  • A leader with day-job support for the activity and a personal commitment to doing the work
  • A scope of work achievable in 12-18 months
  • A core group of at least 3 interested organizations (to ensure sufficient diversity)
  • Commitment to project principles, organizational governance

Step 4
Schedule a "kick-off" call in collaboration with HSSP co-chairs to level-set expectations, communicate the intentions of the activity to the broader community, and to elicit interest in the work.

Step 5
Establish a schedule for recurring teleconferences (not conflicting with other HSSP activities if possible). Ask one of the HSSP co-chairs to slot the teleconference line and publish the call schedule.
Wiki Page: http://hssp.wikispaces.com/calendar

Step 6
Establish a project plan (must include significant milestones, such as ballot target dates). Day-to-day project management is responsibility of the subgroup leads.

Step 7
Establish your wiki presence. Co-chairs will assist in setting up a dedicated Wiki for your subgroup.

Step 8
Go to it!

New! Instructions for Scheduling/Calendaring HSSP Calls are now available --