HSSP Contacts

Contacts are listed from several perspectives:
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HSSP Global Contact List

The following individuals have been involved in HSSP activities, and have made their names available to address questions or inquiries you may have about our activities. Please feel free to contact any of the people listed below, or any of the project or subgroup leads whose names appear on the main Wiki page.

    • Americas
John Koisch (Veterans Health Administration) john.koisch@va.gov
Ken Rubin (EDS) ken.rubin@eds.com

    • Europe
Juha Mykkanen (Univ. of Kuopio) juha.mykkaned@uku.fi
Jari Porrasmaa (Univ. of Kuopio) jari.porrasmaa@uku.fi

Charlie Mead (NCI) mead_charlie@bah.com

United Kingdom
Ann Wrightson (CSW Group; HL7 UK) ann.wrightson@csw.co.uk

    • Asia-Pacific
Max Walker (Victoria Health) Max.Walker@dhs.vic.gov.au

Masaharu Obayashi (Kanrikogaku, Ltd.) obayashi@kthree.co.jp

New Zealand
Chris Peck (HL7 New Zealand) Chris.Peck@orionhealth.com