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The Healthcare Services Specifi20140506D4S_2889-(ZF-9036-42826-1-001).jpgcation Program (HSSP) is a virtual organization bringing together established Standards Development Organizations (SDO's) to collaborate and develop open service-based healthcare standards. Comprising a community bridging Health Level Seven (HL7) and the Object Management Group (OMG), this effort takes advantage of the unique and compelling skillsets of each of these bodies to a maximally impactful outcome. With HL7's deep health informatics and interoperability expertise, combined with OMG's distributed systems and architectural expertise, HSSP brings the best of both communities together to the advantage of the health industry.

The figure (below) illustrates the landscape of IT services supporting a health environment. Each layer indicates a granularity and composition of functions, with each successive layer providing enabling and support functions for the layers above it. Business functions are identified by the blue rounded rectangles, with interfaces into those functions being specified by the "lollipop"-and-box designations appearing below and to the right of each box. HSSP service standards are in gold, with other commonplace industry standards identified in grey. You will note that in many cases there are multiple potential interfaces into any given capability, much as in practice there are varied channels for accessing a given software component.

A "PDF" version of this diagram is available with hyperlinks to the cited standards and project pages (see the link following the diagram).

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Health IT Services Reference Architecture.
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